• why exposition?

    Connect with a
    Wider Audience

    Exposition is a responsive platform that's designed to deliver an exceptional experience for audiences, no matter what device they’re on. It’s also highly sharable on social media—empowering people to highlight and share any content in your digital reports to help raise awareness of the issues and your impact.

  • why exposition?

    Bring Your Data & Research to Life

    Annual reports and research-heavy publications often need data to make their points. Exposition deepens audience understanding of your quantitative content by turning static charts and tables into interactive data visualizations that audiences can explore and export.

  • why exposition?

    Say Goodbye
    to Print & PDFs

    When it comes to capturing an audience’s attention and sparking their imagination, Exposition thrives where PDFs fail. Improve your workflow and save money wasted on print and PDFs with Exposition's digital-first reports—then let it create PDFs of your entire report on the fly that audiences can download.

  • why exposition?

    Share Resources With The Field

    Research reports and toolkits that are filled with resources become much more than static publications on Exposition. Make resources available to the field with exposition's a built-in Resource Center. Organize your publication's assets such as data files, charts and graphs, documents, and images—then make them available to support the work of others.

platform features

Specifically Designed to Deliver Exceptional Experiences with Longform Content

Digital Storytelling

Enrich your reports and publications with videos and slideshows that deepen engagement with your long-form content.

Interactive Data Visualization

Turn your static charts and graphs into dynamic data that audiences can engage with, export, and share with others.

Dynamic PDF Publishing

Go digital-first, bypass designing costly print publications, and let Exposition produce high-quality downloadable PDFs for you.

Resource Libraries

Turns the charts, images, and other assets in publications into a well-organized library of downloadable resources.

Deep Social Sharing

Help your audience share your ideas with others using user-highlightable and sharable content within any page.

Endnotes & Footnotes

Create dynamic footnotes that link to source material within your content; then let Exposition generate endnotes for you.

“We created Exposition to meet the needs of organizations who are increasingly frustrated with how PDF reports and publications limit how they engage audiences with their most valuable content.”

Matthew Schwartz, Founder & Director of Strategy, Constructive
our team

Get More Than Just a Great Publishing Platform. Partner With a Team of Experts.

We designed Exposition with a user-friendly content management system that makes it incredibly easy to publish beautiful digital reports. But simplifying and communicating complex ideas so they have greater clarity and impact takes more than good technology. It also requires deep focus and specialized expertise in content, user experience, and design. At Constructive, we’ve dedicated 17 years to helping social change organizations with exactly this—experience we will bring to help you create publishing workflows, content strategy, and design that transform your digital reports and publications into exceptional experiences. Learn more about Constructive, our team, and the organizations we partner with.

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