Transform static publications into feature-rich interactive experiences

Exposition is a unique online publishing platform designed with the kinds of features that today’s audiences expect—and that your content demands.

Designed to Drive Engagement
With Complex Content

Your team puts serious time, money, and effort into developing important reports and publications. Doesn’t it make sense to get the greatest amount of engagement, insights, and impact in return? Take a closer look at the many ways Exposition delivers.

  • Dynamic PDFs

    Produce your publications as digital-first content; then let Exposition generate beautiful PDFs on demand for audiences who want them.

  • Responsive Design

    Reach audiences wherever they are with high-impact digital publications that automatically adjust to deliver great reading experiences on any device.

  • Custom Publishing Workflows

    Streamline your publishing process with user-friendly workflows that are designed to your content and which add incredible flexibility to customize design.

  • Digital Storytelling

    Deepen engagement by easily adding videos and photo slideshows that turn your publications into compelling interactive narratives.

  • Interactive Data Visualization

    Turn static charts and graphs into dynamic data visualizations that your audience can engage with, export, and share with others.

  • Advanced Social Sharing

    Reach a larger audience with highlightable in-page content that your readers can easily share across their social networks.

  • Resource Libraries

    Deliver even greater value to audiences by adding a library of source material and downloadable assets to your research publications.

  • Endnotes & Footnotes

    Connect audiences directly to cited sources with interactive footnotes that Exposition also collects into comprehensive endnotes.

  • Interactive Glossary

    Make complex issues more accessible with on-hover definitions and a glossary that make expert terminology and jargon easier to understand.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Increase visibility for your publications with advanced SEO tools that allow you to target keywords, customize search listings, customize URLs, and more.

  • Website Analytics

    Gain actionable insights into your audience and what content they’re most interested in with integrated Google Analytics.

“Instead of uploading static PDFs, with Exposition our publications are now feature-rich, high-impact experiences that engage our audience far more effectively.”

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