Collaborate & create your ideal digital publication, with the tools to support it.

With Exposition, you’ll not only create exceptional digital publications, you’ll also have a custom design system and tools that make it incredibly easy and affordable to continue publishing them in the future.

Your Path to High-Impact Digital Publications

Getting started with Exposition is a consultative process similar to most website projects. We’ll partner with you to develop a digital strategy that’s aligned with your goals; then produce a digital publication and custom design system that provides a scalable foundation to achieve them.

  • 1

    Assessment & Estimate

    Tell us about your report or publication, your goals, and the technologies your organization uses. We'll then create a plan to produce a digital publication and customize your platform to meet your needs now and in the future.

  • 2

    Content Analysis & Strategy

    Now we’ll partner with you to develop an engagement strategy—structuring your content, elevating key messages and takeaways, and thinking through ways to effectively integrate your publication with your main website.

  • 3

    Design & Integration

    Working from your existing brand guidelines or designing a new look & feel, we'll translate your publication's strategy and blueprint into an engaging experience; then customize and integrate the backend system.

  • 4

    Content Entry & Testing

    Once your content is ready, our team will enter it into Exposition, format it, and check it—then perform a round of quality assurance testing to make sure your publication performs on different platforms, browsers, and devices.

  • 5

    Train & Publish

    Last but not least, we'll train your team on how to use your CMS so they can edit and make improvements moving forward. Then, once you're ready, we'll push your new publication website live…and it's time to celebrate!

Additional Publications

If your organization produces multiple reports and publications a year, or just one every year, Exposition provides cost-effective scalability. Annual subscription plans give you the flexibility to publish at whatever scale you need—and include strategic, creative, and technical consulting services; with hosting and maintenance included.

  • 1


    Tell us about your upcoming report or publication. Talk about your publishing process. Tell us about the digital technologies you use. Based on your specific needs, we’ll create a custom estimate for building Exposition with the right tools and structure to make your publications a success.

  • 2

    Collaborate on Strategy

    Now we’ll work together to establish strategies for structuring content, incorporating your online properties, and streamlining your workflows to make your digital publications more engaging and the process for publishing them more efficient.

  • 3

    Let us customize your platform

    With strategy in place, we’ll design your flagship publication, establishing the house-styles, content structure and technical integrations you need to make

  • 4

    Produce your content

    With strategy in place, we’ll design your flagship publication, establishing the house-styles, content structure and technical integrations you need to make

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