If a PDF is downloaded but nobody reads it, does it still make an impact?

Exposition lets you reach a wider audience and increase engagement, dramatically increasing the effectiveness and impact of your research and policy reports, CSRs, annual reports, and high-profile publications.

Create Digital Reports & Publications That Drive Online Engagement

Instead of locking up your ideas in static PDFs, with Exposition you can easily produce high-impact digital publications that work on any device, and make your content more accessible, actionable, and impactful.

  • Respect Your Content

    Your publications are filled with expert analysis and insights, but if their design isn't equally impressive, then you're only selling yourself short. Create beautiful digital publications that are as impressive as your ideas.

  • Increase Engagement

    Exposition's editorial design framework provides structure, delivers top-level takeaways, and encourages long-reads—a foundation we'll work with you to customize to meet the unique needs of your content.

  • Reach a Wider Audience

    Exposition is designed for mobile and also generates PDFs on demand so that you can reach audiences anywhere. And its advanced SEO and social sharing tools increase visibility and encourage people to share your content.

  • Gain Greater Insights

    PDFs provide practically no insight into how audiences are engaging with your content, if they are at all. Exposition integrates with any web analytics, giving you insight into which of your content is working and what can be improved.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Exposition’s CMS is incredibly user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to edit and update content. And since it generates PDFs on demand, you'll never have to worry about hunting down and replacing outdated PDFs on your website.

  • Partner With Experts

    It takes more than great publishing tools to create high-quality digital publications. With Exposition, you'll work with a team of experts who bring 17 years of experience in digital strategy and designing content-rich online experiences.

“Exposition gives brands that produce reports and publications an easy way to move on from ineffective PDFs and start driving online engagement with their content.”

A Flexible Platform for High-Profile Publications

Exposition is designed to meet the specific needs if research reports and sophisticated publications, increasing online engagement with long-form content and data.

Annual Reports

Policy & Research Reports

Clinical Trial Reports

CSR Reports

Periodic Journals

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